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musings of an alcoholic fangirl [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
jazz daffy

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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2009oOo08:18 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |hotsurreal]
[hearing |my mom explaining arythmia to my sister in the next room]

Wow. So much shit has gone down in the past month. For a few of these events, you get the Reader's Digest version:

- Jacqui got evicted, and was living with me for several weeks. She has found a new house to rent with a couple other people, but can't move in till they find someone with good credit to co-sign.

- Grace lost her virginity to Amber and Trev (Amber's boyfriend). Hilda flipped out for no apparent reason (except for being a psychotic bitch) and un-invited Grace to her birthday party. I decided that the whole situation was fucking retarded and juvenile, and have gotten sick of talking about it.

- I got a 20 out of 20 on my most recent project in acting class, but didn't get my first choice for a partner on the final. Balls.

- I was cast in a one-act play, Am I Blue, because my acting teacher recommended me to the director.

And then, the fire came.

I won't go into the full story. Look up the Jesusita Fire. We were evacuated, and the news said that houses on our street had burned. I spent a good two or three hours convinced that the house i grew up in was gone, and had to reassess what's really important in my life. Thankfully, my house is fine, with some fairly minor damage.

We have no running water and no electricity, so since the house is officially "unlivable", our insurance company is paying for my family and i to stay in a very nice vacation home until we can live in our actual house again. It's this super-awesome 70's beach house three blocks away from city college. I think a porn should be filmed here.

Oh yeah, and my hair's blue.

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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2009oOo09:38 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |boredbored]
[hearing |the simpsons, season 7]

I really ought to be cleaning. Amber and Hilda helped me clean all of my brother's old shit out of my new room. It was spotless. Then nine people came over to drink and this happened:

There's more, scattered about the room. I don't think i'm ever having that many people over again. Or if i do, there will be no beer-- too many fucking cans! Just some clean, easily organized vodka and cranberry juice.

But in all seriousness... how fucking cool would it be to have your checkbook double as a flipbook of the Hindenburg crash?

I'm so excited for EDC this year. Two days long! It shall be a vacation in the form of a rave! Just look how excited i am!

All for now. Back to my vodka and store-brand diet grapefruit soda.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2009oOo05:12 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |indescribable]
[hearing |Repo: The Genetic Opera]

Just got back from an audition. Terrible. Sometimes i wonder why i bother trying to sing... not that i'm bad, but when i try to do it in front of people my throat closes up and i completely freeze. I thought i was going to cry when i left that audition.

Then i came home and watched The Adventurer, and now i feel much better. :D

Opening night for Moonchildren tonight, the call is in a little over an hour. I'm sad that it's almost over, as i've had so much fun acting in this show (as i always do), but i'm also looking forward to having free time again.

Lungs and livers and bladders and hearts
You'll always save a bundle when you buy our GeneCo parts
Spleins, intestines and spines and brains
All at warehouse prices, but our quality's the same!

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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2009oOo10:25 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |sleepysleepy]
[hearing |my brother's television, in the next room]

Man, i haven't blogged in fucking forever. Several weeks since my last entry, HOO!!!

This friday Hilda, Jacqui, Grace, Gomez and i and i wll be attending Hard13 at The Shrine in downtown LA. I'm super excited, even though i have rehearsal till 9ish that night so we'll be getting there late, and i have rehearsal at 1230 the next day so i need to go to the party sober (acting while hung over=no bueno). I have so much kandi to give away, and that's a lot easier for me to do when i'm not shitfaced.

The play opens on Tuesday and runs for just over a week. It's a great play (Moonchildren by Michael Weller), though i'm glad that this is my first show at CC and that i only have a cameo appearance (i'm on stage for about five minutes). It's written by someone who thinks that the subject matter is extremely important and interesting, when the whole things just kind of reads like an over-scripted reality show. I hope that next semester they decide to do something a little more interesting (like A Boy's Life or Life Under Water) or at least amusing (like Hooters or Noises Off). And that i get a really good role.

Acting class tomorrow. The partner i originally had for our current project dropped the class (thank god-- she was terrible), so i have a whole new scene to memorize. Lots of studying to do-- i'd better get to work!</font>

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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2009oOo07:30 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |drunkdrunk]
[hearing |Stolen Babies]

And here we sit, once again, sewing shit in my bedroom. Amber and Hilda are both sewing teeth. WHAT HOW DO YOU SEW TEETH??!!?!?! Like dis!

I also made a plushie moustache...

... which doubles as a plushie HardGay moustache!

So i'm insanely excited because my anal-retentive control-freak brother is finally moving out... and i'm getting his room! Fuck yeah, what now bitchezzzz! So my room will be twice the size it is now, and i won't have him breathing down my neck 24/7. That means i have more space for BLOGGING!

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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2008oOo09:18 pm]
jazz daffy
[feeling |enthralled]
[hearing |Permanent Guest by Pretty Balanced]

Long time since my last entry.

I just had to express my newfound love for Pretty Balanced. It's somewhat simple chamber rock-- mostly just piano and drums, sometimes cello or bass or accordion thrown in the mix. Some of the most amazing lyricism i've ever heard, as well as some insanely catchy melodies. It's all so sad and haunting and just fucking beautiful, whenever i listen to them i feel this sweeling in my chest, this deep, painful longing, like unrequited love. It's amazing.

If you're reading this (no one is), go download and listen to the following songs in this order:

Genuinely Bad
Ode to an Electric Fan
Simon's Sleeping
Floating (aka Waltz of Tommy and Nathan)

And make sure you really LISTEN to them. Look up the lyrics if you have to.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2008oOo06:16 pm]
jazz daffy
[existing |on my couch]
[feeling |fangirly]
[hearing |Venture Bros. ending theme]


New Venture Brothers.


"How much thalidomide did your mom take...?"


Probably my favorite so far this season. That poor dugong...
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2008oOo12:07 am]
jazz daffy
[existing |in your mother's vag]
[feeling |drunkdrunk]
[hearing |D.A.N.C,E. by Justice]

Why are there NINE Sonics in Bakersfield, and NONE in the Santa Barbara area?

For those of you who don't know, Santa Barbara is the city in which i reside.... 30 minutes North of Ventura and about the same size, but more "old world" and touristy. No fucking Sonic. There isn't even a Sonic in LA (about an hour and a half South of here). But Bakersfield, fucking Tweaker Central in the middle of the fucking desert, has NINE? What is wrong with this country?

I'm seriously fucking bored. No one is online and i'm tired of watching cartoons. I'm even tired of reading fanfiction, mainly because i can't find anything good for my ships. And i took a four-hour nap earlier, so i'm not tired (especially with all the rum and coke in my belly).

When does AS.com post their premieres? I know they do it on Fridays, but what time? It's 12:15. It's fucking Friday. I want my Venture Brothers, god dammit....!

Have i really been reduced to getting drunk and playing Solitaire all night?

Looks like it. Gay.
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2008oOo02:11 am]
jazz daffy
[existing |on my bed, in my extremely warm room]
[feeling |happyhappy]
[hearing |Slam by Pendulum]

New laptop! Thus, i am able to be a nerd again....

Oh, little kuriboh.... will you ever fail to rock my world?
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ff omg [Jun. 18th, 2008oOo10:31 pm]
jazz daffy
Title: Change
Series: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Tatsumi/Watari
Summary: Everyone needs a change once in awhile.
Warnings: Slightly sexual content, small amount of naughty language. Also a graphic description of the tongue piercing process, which may squick the squeamish.

Put that tongue ring to good use.Collapse )
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